Posted by: randydunning | September 28, 2007

On the Radio

        Being the Nomadic Pastor is my main occupation, but I also do a bit of side work with a company called Alfred Anderson Marketing. And it was that second gig that landed me on the radio this morning. I was the company spokesman for Espresso Roayle during a live remote broadcast done with Martin Bandyke of Ann Arbor’s 107One (107.1 FM).
        The remote went from 6-10 a.m. at the Main Street ERC in Ann Arbor. I think it was the absolute first time I’ve ever been on the radio live and I was a bit daunted going in. Don’t ask me why. I regularly speak publicly at church and have spoken before hundreds of people – live (yes, you usually don’t use recordings with a live audience). But for some reason I have been nervous about this all week. This is new terrain for me and I didn’t want to come off sounding like a doof or misconstrue the company I am representing. Both were very real possibilities in my mind.
        Of course the remote went fine and I didn’t embarrass myself, the radio station, the marketing firm or the coffee company. It sure helped that Martin Bandyke is a consummate professional and his temperament set me at ease. But I’m glad I’ve got the first one under my belt. Now, this week instead of fretting, I’ll actually be looking forward to next Friday (we’re doing eight more of these in the next two months). What exactly was I worrying about?
        Like with most other areas of life where we lack confidence, a little experience changes everything!

Martin Bandyke shows off the ERC side of the “Limited Edition Martin Bandyke Signature Mug from Espresso Royale and Ann Arbor’s 107One.” This photo was taken at Remote #2 on State Street.


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