Posted by: randydunning | October 4, 2007

Up on the Roof

        The last three days have been pretty intense as a new roof is going up on the Dunning home. Good friends, Doug & Heidi Bidlack and their five children are staying with us for this week while Doug and his oldest son, Luke, head up our roofing crew. Monday it rained so we cleared some overhanging foliage away from the roof and put the garage in better order. Tuesday was tear-off day and felting day. The crew and especially Doug worked diligently, even under the lights (500 watt halogen work lights, that is), to get most of the felt back on the sheeting in preparation for Wednesday’s forecasted rain. After a light and very early morning shower, the remainder of today was simply glorious and we were able to re-sheet the top roof deck above the upper bedrooms and bath, receive the shingles from Acme Roofing, and install the front-side shingles on both the house and garage.
        Special guests so far have included James “Chappie” Chapman who got in on the tearing off and felting of yesterday, and John Richard Sowash who gave up his evening with new bride, Nellie, to help the shingle laying this evening.
        A special shout goes out to the three Dunning children who learned to cut starter shingles and were handy all day preparing new shingles for Doug and Luke who were laying them. They stayed at it like pros.
        Finally, I am so grateful to God for the Bidlacks – Doug and Heidi are so extremely gracious to drive up from Indiana (and all in Doug’s work truck) to minister to us so deeply. Receiving such a blessing and gift gives me an yet deeper understanding of grace.
        By this time tomorrow, and with the help promised from a few other friends from church, I will once again have a roof over my head.



  1. What? No photos of this new community project? C’mon – let’s see what it looks like…


  2. There. Hope you’re satisfied now!

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