Posted by: randydunning | October 11, 2007

You’re Now Leaving Florida.


No I haven’t been traveling on any Southern interstate highways lately. But last evening when I walked by my open bedroom window, I had the distinct sense that the Florida weather we’ve enjoyed here in Michigan over the past week was rapidly coming to an end. By the middle of the day today, as the clouds were spitting a cold rain onto my deck and the wind was increasing from the North, I knew it was over. It was kind of like an experience I had in college on a long drive home from Florida.

Some buddies of mine and I traveled to the Keys for spring break. Of course we enjoyed tremendous weather all week long and stayed until the last possible minute. When we finally did have to leave, we piled in the car and gunned it home, stopping for nothing but filling the gas tank and emptying our bladders. I remember the shock it was late at night somewhere in Ohio when I realized the temperature had dropped some 30 degrees since the car door was last opened. Shorts were no longer a good idea!

Many will choose to lament the weather change and see it as a harbinger of the winter weather to come. To me, it simply means that we’ve had it pretty good for a long time. If someone had told me in August that better weather was coming in October, I’d have taken it then. I’m certainly not going to complain now that temps are back to average. After all, the past week’s weather made roofing my house almost enjoyable and made the Men’s retreat absolutely spectacular. I’m grateful to the giver of all good things for amazing first nine days of October.


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