Posted by: randydunning | October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cullen!

I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to my firstborn son, Cullen, who turns twelve today.

The party really began last evening as I took the three older children to the Piston’s final pre-season game at the Palace in Auburn Hills (thanks, Chappie). They played the Washington Wizards and won 104-85. We arrived plenty early to watch the pre-game shoot-a-round, stroll the concourse and stake out the gift shops and concession stands. We finally made our assault on the concession stands at half time and attacked the gift shop at game’s end. Traffic wasn’t too awful on the way in either. It was a super fun evening.


Cullen is a great son. He has his mom’s stand-out good looks and his dad’s propensity for verbosity. Both may get him into trouble some day but for now he is really enjoying being a boy on the verge of his teen years. His favorite current Piston is Rasheed Wallace (a.k.a. ‘Sheed) as evidenced by the #36 gear he is sporting. Sheed played well last night and Cullen picked up a new cap to commemorate the event.

img-2671-100x204.shkl4.jpg img-2674-272x204.shkl2.jpg img-2693-2-112x204.shkl2.jpg

Today Cullen went shopping with Grandpa who is visiting from Green Bay, Wisconsin on his way to Florida. Tonight it is off to Uncle Scott and Aunt Kristian’s for a big birthday dinner with the Dunning family. At Cullen’s request, his mom made both blueberry and apple pies to replace cake (he’s not a big cake fan) and eventually his dad will be putting up a basketball hoop for year-round competition. Happy birthday, indeed!



  1. Great pictures of the BIG THREE at the Pistons game. Cullen definitely looks another year older! I am so glad he has had a super long week of celebration. He needs it;-)

  2. Happy Birthday, Cullen!

    Love… the Smith’s

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