Posted by: randydunning | November 14, 2007

Social Networking


I have recently (by that I mean yesterday) ventured into the brave, new world known as Facebook.  I’ve thought about joining for a while but didn’t really have a compelling reason.  But when I recently needed to get information on a youth event at church (where everyone has to RSVP via Facebook) I went there to get the needed info, only to realize I had to join and become a “friend.”  So I took the plunge.  

I must admit I was (and still am) somewhat fearful of how I will be received on Facebook.  After all, the overwhelming majority of users are college age or younger (of 6000 in my U of M graduating class of 1991, only 365 are on Facebook – you get the point).  I almost feel like I’m walking into a large youth event uninvited and everyone is going to think, “Uh oh!  The pastor’s here!  So much  for the fun.”  But really, the last thing I have time, energy or the desire to do is spy on young people (except, of course, my children, who are not doing any online social networking – yet).  

I’ll give it a few weeks and report back on my thoughts and perceptions of this social networking phenomenon. 


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