Posted by: randydunning | December 12, 2007

Gotta Get Back In Time!

Growing up my favorite movie was Back to the Future. Traveling back a couple of decades in a souped-up Delorian looked so cool. Oh, to be Marty McFly!

Well, today I had an experience with a different kind of time machine – and one not requiring 1.21 Jigawatts to operate.

I have recently upgraded to the latest Mac operating system called Leopard (OSX 10.5). It has a program called Time Machine which, when coupled with a back-up hard drive will silently back up your machine hourly. This is a handy feature. But the beauty of Time Machine comes in when you goof like I did.

Yesterday when I was trying to update the Sermons page of I did it in a way that would not allow me to upload the data easily. I had already put in a bunch of work on it, saved it and closed the editing program. I could not just use the undo command and the last thing I wanted to do is go back and manually undo all my changes and re-create that page of the website. And on top of that, I then had another idea of how I could have made the changes differently – in a much more simple and effective way. Oh, how I wish I had thought of that first!

But then I remembered that I can go back in time (with Time Machine, of course) and restore my data to the state it was in before I made those horrendous changes. And within fifteen minutes I had restored my website data, changed it the correct way and was uploading it quickly. What a joy! And what a time saver too.

It is great when computers work right and do what they are supposed to. Now if I could just run Time Machine on myself periodically it might improve my relationship with Andie and the kids!



  1. Nice application. It would be nice if the time machine feature could be applied to other areas of life…

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