Posted by: randydunning | December 17, 2007

Who Needs a Snow Thrower When You Have Boys!


On more than one occasion someone in my neighborhood has wondered aloud why I don’t get a snow blower for my driveway. It isn’t a long driveway, but it also isn’t a really short one. And when you get ten inches of wind-blown and densely-packed snow in it, a mechanical snow removal device sounds like just the cure for an aching back. However, that isn’t the best solution for me. 

When the subject comes up, I retort to my well-intentioned but misguided neighbors, “Now, why would I want to rob my boys of all that precious character training?” The way I figure it, a few hours of hard shoveling is just what growing boys need to get them out of the house, active, and productive. Plus, shovels take up much less space on a garage wall. 

Cullen, 12, is currently the foreman of the Dunning Shovel Brigade and he owns it well. Keegan, 9, is a trooper and keeps going even when he grows cold, tired and hungry. And next year, Nolan will be three and will begin to join in the fun with our mini-shovel. He’d be heartbroken if left out. 

I am committed to not having a snow blower in my garage until I turn 55.  No, I don’t believe snow blowers are only for senior citizens who risk a heart attack from over-exertion. You see, at that time Aidan will be 18 and perhaps away at college. With my last set of strong arms gone from the house, I probably won’t attempt a 10″ snowfall more than once before making the significant upgrade from my shovel. But until then, the driveway in winter doubles as a training ground for boys.



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