Posted by: randydunning | December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
What follows is the Dunning family update for 2007:

Aidan: He turned one just last week, began walking a few weeks before, and maintains the sweetest personality in the family. Docile and charming, Baby A brings a light to even the most difficult day. Everyone marvels at how one little person can draw out so much love. We are crazy about him!

Andrea: She remains the lovely and talented meal-making, home-schooling, coupon-cutting, child-loving mom and queen of the Dunning castle. The downside of her year was losing two grandparents (Grandpa in IL and Grandma in CA) and a lot of sleep (thanks to Aidan). The upside has been enjoying a new baby and nurturing a daughter into her teen years. She is the jewel of our home!

Cullen: He hit twelve in October, is beginning to pick up the guitar and enjoyed his second season of baseball (logging many innings behind the plate wearing a mask). Cullen is growing into greater responsibilities within the home (snow removal foreman) and without (4-H group leader) and continues to be passionate about friendships and fun activities. His deep desire for relationships keeps us all connected. He is one cool and happy dude!

Hannah: She ushered the family into teendom this past July and so far the ride has not been too rough. She enjoyed time in Chicago this summer with her Nana and is becoming quite the hand at photography. Continuing to enjoy violin practice and performance, Hannah is looking to join a youth symphony this upcoming year. She is a lovely young lady inside and out and a great help around a busy home.

Keegan: At nine, he continues to thoroughly enjoy childhood exploration and pursues creative endeavors with seemingly boundless energy (anything from painting to fort-building). Keegan is a great older playmate for Nolan and can keep him occupied with games and activities for long stretches of time (a life saver for Andie). He also tried baseball this year but in the end decided that in the future he would rather play soccer or just run (he does not lack for speed). His buoyant spirit is a great blessing to our family.

Nolan: Simply put, Nolan lives life out loud! Our two-year-old comic book hero is constantly saving the day (from what we seldom know). His is the name most spoken in our home and his is the body most chased. We are glad God made him sturdy as he crashes often! We are also glad that he displays a profound tenderness toward his baby brother, a much preferred disposition to the one frequently shown to the rest of us. Nolan lights up our life!

Randy: He still works a job-and-a-half doing mostly ministry with a day of marketing. New skills picked up this year included website development, live radio work, HTML email, audio editing, blogging, copywriting and acting like you know what you are doing when you really have no clue. He is finding that last one to be good training for parenting and great motivation for prayer.

        We have made it through another year and give God glory for tremendous material provision and emotional strength. Again we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good and believe even more that Christ in us is the hope of glory. We wish all of you a blessed Christmas and welcome you into our lives whenever there is opportunity. Have a great two thousand and eight!

– The Dunnings

Look, Aidan! There are presents to be had up there. Follow me!


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