Posted by: randydunning | January 1, 2008

Journaling Challenge Kick-Off


Greetings from lovely Lowell, Michigan, where the Dunnings are spending New Years Eve and Day with close friends the Smiths (who send their greetings). The last 48 hours have been quite busy and an internet service outage in this area has prohibited me from posting sooner (now doing so at the local McDonalds). However, I did want to get some final thoughts out regarding the 21-Day New Year Challenge I issued on Saturday.

#1. All Ages May Participate.
Adults, young adults, teens, pre-teens, youth, etc. Basically, the challenge is open to anyone who can read and write. It would be great to see children and young adults participate in the challenge as well as adults. Some church members said on Sunday that they intend for their entire family to take the challenge. Great! That was the intention – something simple enough that all could get involved, at any level.

#2. Please Write Imperfectly.
Some of us have a penchant for crafting eloquent sentences and obsess over finding just the right word or turn of phrase. Remember that this is not a essay that you submit for a grade. You are simply seeking to connect with God and discover how His thoughts apply to your life. Write your journal entries for yourself and not for someone else to read (unless, of course, you plan on having your journal read by your children and grandchildren and kept as a family heirloom for centuries).

#3. Just Start!
The hardest part of any new habit or endeavor is day one. Even though you have probably been up late celebrating the new year and will gear up to go back to work on Wednesday, find time today to read and journal through John 1. And if you fail to journal today, start tomorrow. Just start!

I will plan on posting my first entry upon returning home and settling in – sometime later this evening. Below is a sample journal page of how I plan on setting mine up.

Oh, and Happy New Year!



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