Posted by: randydunning | January 8, 2008

They Closed My Home Office!


The Nomadic Pastor is looking for a new Brighton office.

Because our church does not have a building, and since I have five children at home, three of which are being home educated, I spend most of my “office time” in coffee shops around the greater Ann Arbor / Detroit Metro area (currently at the Espresso Royale on Plymouth Road in A2). And since Brighton is the town closest to my home, it is the location I utilize most frequently. I’d say it was my default location. But that may change.

For five years the cafe in which I’ve logged the most hours was the Espresso Royale at 744 W. Grand River in Brighton. You could often find me in the street-side window on a stool at the high table with my computer open and a 3-shot caramel latte on the ledge next to me.

But like most offices, it wasn’t just a place of work. It was also a place where I built relationships. Tony was the manager who opened the location and after he transferred to Plymouth Rd. (he’s currently sitting 10 feet from me conducting a job interview) there was Missy, followed lastly by Erica. I often had conversations with them and today count them as friends. I also enjoyed the different baristas including Amy, Tim, Jenny, and Ashley who made my drinks and harassed me like a regular (I kind of felt like Norm on Cheers, but I date myself). And then there were the other regulars: Bill, who came in twice a day and talked to everyone in the store (ladies first) and Bob, with whom I shared several long conversations about the Christian life. ERC-Brighton wasn’t just a cafe, it was my cafe!

But over the Christmas break while I was out of town (those sneaky dogs) they rolled kraft paper up the windows, suck a sign on the door, and closed for good. I suppose the store wasn’t profitable enough – that is why most stores close – and I can’t fault ERC for making a wise business decision. But now I have a decision to make. And though I have several good options for new work locations in Brighton, I’ll miss my window table at ERC and the people who shared my office.


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