Posted by: randydunning | January 24, 2008

21 Day Challenge Wrap Up


I know it has been a few days since we completed the 21-Day New Year Challenge. It has been a few very busy days for me. I meant to do the wrap-up post on Tuesday the 22nd. But, alas, I’ve been engulfed by work from both the marketing and ministry sides of my life. Sometimes a confluence of projects is rather unavoidable. Oh, yeah, and most of the Dunnings have had the flu this week too. Fun, fun, fun!

My woes aside, I sure hope that those of you who participated in the challenge were blessed, even if you journaled just a little.

It seems that any time I delve deeply into God’s Word I come away impacted, challenged, and changed. These first 21 days of January were no different. I saw things in scripture I’d never caught before. And many familiar things seemed very fresh and new. I walked away even more impressed by the purity of Jesus and the power of Holy Spirit who continually makes the ancient Word applicable to my life right in the moment.

I would love to have more feedback from those of you who took the challenge. What did God do in your life? How do you see Him or your circumstances differently. Please leave a comment and share your story.

And thanks for walking with me here at the beginning of 2008!



  1. I really enjoyed it. I’ve never done anything like that before and it was nice to focus on a passage and spend time with God in that way. I really enjoyed the online part of it also. I think it is a great sounding board that can be a spring board for more discussion. Any plans on continuing with something?

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