Posted by: randydunning | January 25, 2008

An Encouragement towards Frugality


This Sunday at my church we’ll be wrapping up a four-week series about money with a lesson on investing. Of course you can’t invest money if you don’t have any left over after earning, giving and spending. And you won’t have money if you don’t employ some measure of frugality to your life. And you won’t be frugal if you don’t plan on it.

I just read a really good example of the importance of developing a financial plan. To read it, check out The Roar of Love, the blog of Greg Nettle, a minister in Ohio. It begins:

“I met with this amazing man last night. Mark Cook is a stock market trader who lives in the small town of East Sparta, Ohio. Mark’s financial worth is lots of millions of dollars. But you would never know it by looking at him, where he lives or what he drives.”

Read more….


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