Posted by: randydunning | February 13, 2008

Feeling a lot loved!


On Monday I celebrated my first 39th birthday. Going into the day I didn’t have many expectations to be recognized or remembered. I only wanted to take Andie out to the Real Seafood Co. for a nice piece of fish over lunch (utilizing Main Street Ventures 1/2 off birthday special, of course). That was accomplished, and the grilled swordfish was to die for (thanks to the recommendation of our server, Bobby) as was the flourless chocolate cake. But I digress.

It all started the evening before with a birthday cake and singing at a church meeting. Then on Monday, to my wonderful surprise, I received calls, cards and text messages throughout the day from friends and family members who shared some of the nicest sentiments I’ve ever heard. Each one made my day a little more special. Best of all were the cards and chocolate from my children (I’m good on chocolate until probably the first of June).

Whether I deserve all this attention is certainly open to debate. But I can’t say I mind feeling this loved! Thanks to all you who blessed me on my birthday!


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