Posted by: randydunning | March 8, 2008

LYW Training Comes To An End

It was a full day of training and fun at Laugh Your Way America (LYW) here in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

We began the day attending the live marriage seminar held at Pastor Mark Gungor’s church in town. Mark, the founder of LYW and the seminar speaker, was covering what we would be training on the rest of the day. The remainder of the day was pretty much spent giving presentations and critiquing presentations. It was great to hear the other groups present but, frankly, to hear the same material five times in a day is, well, four times too many! But the goal was not to judge information (which will be learned in greater depth as we go) but how the info was delivered.

In the evening we enjoyed a fabulous dinner in downtown Green Bay at the Titletown Brewery (see photo below). I ordered jambalaya (in honor of Brett Favre, of course).

Overall this was a super experience. The LYW people are serious about what they do and have a great vision for the future of their ministry. They were genuinely excited to have four couples training hard to become video presenters. And those of us in training really appreciated their commitment to excellence and their dedication.

We also enjoyed each other (the VP group). It was great to see how God was using the LYW ministry and the Flag Page in each other’s lives.

The Dunnings and other Video Presenter couples join Mark and Debbie Gungor and the LYW Staff for dinner in Titletown.


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