Posted by: randydunning | March 11, 2008

Slogging back into normal life.


It has been a while since I’ve experienced re-entry into the work atmosphere. Returning to work after a week away feels like you’re moving at half speed while the world whizzes by. My brain, slow and thick rather than nimble and quick, churns like an outdated processor attempting to render HD video. My fingers stumble through keystrokes while my body seems to continually repeat, “Must…have…more…coffee….” Needless to say, I oblige (Help me, Obi Wan Kenoffee, you’re my only hope)!

It is at times like these when we need to remember to give ourselves and our families a bit of extra grace. Last night I found myself becoming upset with just about everyone in my home. Then it dawned on me (albeit a little bit late) that I just need to go to bed and sleep as long as possible. My attitude was a product of my fatigue, nothing more. The longer I held out, the worse it got.

A good friend of mine has often said, “Sleep is sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do.” Obedience to God sometimes does mean obedience to the body he gave us to inhabit – especially when that body is waving a white flag and asking you to surrender!

I’m going to surrender early tonight. Hopefully I won’t be slogging through tomorrow as a result.


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