Posted by: randydunning | April 6, 2008

Back To Back Missions Weekends


Eric & Ela Hammond of His House – EMU (left) and James & Laura Chapman of Pioneers

The last two weekends at Hope were really cool. And the funny thing is I initially thought I’d made a scheduling error.

We usually attempt to schedule missionary speakers on 5th Sundays when possible. We did that back on the 30th of March with Eric and Ela Hammond and the EMU branch of His House Christian Fellowship. It was a great day of worship and fellowship with the potluck that followed.

But when it came time to schedule James (Chappie) and Laura Chapman, appointees with Pioneers to Azerbaijan, I didn’t look that closely at the calender and we slotted them for April 6 (today). Because Chappie works at the Palace of Auburn Hills during Pistons games, I wanted to have them present before the playoffs started later in April and his work schedule became highly unpredictable.

So when I noticed that I had missionaries scheduled two weeks in a row, I became worried that neither would gain the proper mind share with the congregation and that one presentation might cannibalize the other in this regard.

I’m happy to say that the opposite occurred. In fact, I left the service today feeling kind of like we’d had a two-Sunday missions conference.

On one hand, we heard from a ministry seeking to bring Jesus to one of the most influential places in the world – the secular university campus – by seeing the lives of students transformed by the Gospel.

On the other hand we heard from a couple who are going to a people group unreached by the Gospel message but in a strategic geographic location to potentially impact the surrounding region with the life-changing message of Jesus.

Both Sundays the message was the same – expanding the Kingdom of God by bringing the Gospel to places of great influence.

So God had a plan for my scheduling error. It usually works that way (Romans 8:28).


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