Posted by: randydunning | April 10, 2008



Such has been the state of the Dunning home over the past thirty-six hours as we have been afflicted by the blowing-chunks-diarrhea flu. We are slowly beginning to rise.




  1. Good job using such vibrant, descriptive words. I can almost picture it.


  2. Well…it is what it is. And since blogging is to be an authentic form of communication I felt I was bordering on being disingenuous.

  3. Lol, I agree with the first commenter, gross!

    Hope you all get better quick.. take care and God Bless

  4. Ugh – I feel so sorry for all of you, but at least now I have a filler for that hole in the bulletin (LOL). Hope everyone is better soon – God bless you all.

    P.S. Not everyone dies in quartantine:).

  5. Oh Man! We feel your pain. The entire Waterman crew just ended our battle with that ugly beast this week. We did lose a few battles (and blankets, sheets, etc.) but ultimately won the war.

    Praying that you all get well real soon.

  6. Disingenuous, maybe. Just keep in mind, please, that sometimes people are eating while reading your blog. How about using a Patrick O’Brian phrase instead and say, “My intergentleman was disturbed.”

    I think that gets the point across, too.

    I hope you are all better.

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