Posted by: randydunning | April 24, 2008

A Marketer Speaks to the Church

SethGodinsBlog.jpg“Off The Agenda”, the blog of excerpted an interview that did with Seth Godin whose blog and books on marketing are widely read. I thought it was quite insightful but, man oh man, do some people get fired up when you use “church” and “marketing” in the same sentence (as the comments on the Off the Agenda post suggest).

I’m interested in your take. You can read the entire interview here.



  1. That is a very interesting point of view. I guess I see marketing is a lot of doing things man’s way. In other words, do we just want to draw people in with “new marketing,” or do we want the power of God to be drawing people in. I don’t really think it is a black-and-white issue, really. There is a balance, certainly, and I am not sure where that balance lies. I have seen churches go overboard with the “new marketing” idea, and the meat of their message (or what their message should be) is lost in the midst of hot new marketing ideas. And their are churches who refuse to enter the realm of “new marketing” and can be out of touch as a result.

    And there is a question of effectiveness. Is “new marketing” is as effective (time and cost) as another avenue? That probably needs to be answered for an individual church.

    I prefer simplicity, and it seems the deeper you dive into “new marketing” the more complicated things get. I tend to think that drawing people to authentic relationships with Jesus, without all the hype, can be more effective. When people get serious about Jesus, the results are astounding. Look at the book of Acts. The apostles weren’t looking for the latest craze, but just depended upon the power of the gospel to change lives.

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