Posted by: randydunning | June 22, 2008

North Side Sweep!


It is a good day to be a Cubs fan. Tonight they completed a three-game sweep of their cross-town rivals, the White Sox, with a 7-1 win behind Ryan Dempster’s eight strong innings. The win again puts them 20 games over .500 and, coupled with a loss earlier in the day by the St. Louis Cardinals to the Boston Red Sox, gets them a 4.5 game lead in the NL Central. Whenever you can beat the Sox and pull away from the Cardinals at the same time it is a good day.

And the Cub win was great for the Tigers too! With Verlander’s win today in San Diego, Detroit pulls within five games of the White Sox in the AL Central. Seems like just early last week that the Tigers were 11 games out. Oh, wait, they were!

I catch some flack for being a Cubs fan in the Detroit area. But wouldn’t a Cubs-Tigers World Series be too cool? Should have happened in ’84. Maybe in ’08.


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