Posted by: randydunning | June 23, 2008

I’m Getting All Backed Up


No, not like that! I mean my hard drive is getting backed up. Rather, it is being cloned.

Protecting My Life!
The situation is this: my Powerbook G4 has debris under the LCD screen–little black specks all over. I’m having it replaced while it is still covered under warranty. But this means being without my Mac for about a week. So in case of unforeseen data loss, I’m making an exact copy of my system hard drive on an external back-up drive (like the photo). I’ll also be able to boot and run from this copy on a similar Mac (generously loaned to me by a friend–thanks, Tim) and not be computer-less while mine is in sunny California getting some TLC. When my Mac returns, I’ll copy my cloned drive back onto it, with whatever changes I’ve made during the week, and be up to speed. Theoretically, I shouldn’t miss a beat or lose an hour of work.

I’ve backed up files before, but not like this. And because of how my work life depends on this laptop, it has been foolish not to do so. But now, if my system ever crashes, and I’ve been diligent to back up my data regularly (i.e., at least weekly) then I’ll still have everything in place. This battle station will remain fully operational!

Are You Backed Up?
If you don’t currently back up your computers at all, let me highly encourage you to do so. You may think, “Oh, I don’t have anything that important on my computer. What’s the big deal?” Right, and I’m sure you don’t have life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, home insurance…oh, you do? Well, this isn’t much different. In the event of a data emergency, the time and energy you would save by not having to re-download applications or find lost files elsewhere is huge. Not to mention there are some things you’d never get back. So get backed up! In the world of computers, it’s a good thing!

BTW, my clone drive is named Kamino. Get it?



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