Posted by: randydunning | July 2, 2008

Day #2 at NACC – Cincy

What an amazing day! I’m both exhilarated and exhausted by what I experienced today, Tuesday, at the North American Christian Convention. I can tell that some of you have been praying for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


The day started with an incredible message on having Dangerous Faith by Jon Weece, minister of Southland Christian Church in Lexington. This was one of those non-note-taking messages. You sit back and soak it in, then buy the DVD and process later.

On the heels of Jon was a Leadership Lecture by Bill Hybles (yeah, that Bill Hybles). He shared the four things he would challenge leaders to do if he was on his death bed with four breaths left. I took notes like crazy! So much to learn from such a leader and kingdom builder. And there is so much I have yet to learn about leading. This was both humbling and inspiring.

I could have been done with the day at lunch and been a happy man.

But after an out-of-this-world Reuben from Izzy’s of Cincinnati, I decided to take in a workshop on preaching. The teacher was Mike Breaux, who preceded Jon Weece at Southland and then went to work under Hybles at Willow Creek before leaving last year to serve a church in Rockford. I’ve heard Breaux before (10 years ago at a campus ministry retreat) and he just delivers amazing and authentic stuff each time I hear him.

Steve and I debriefed over dinner and took a needed breather.

The evening session speaker was Dr. Ajai Lall of the Central Indian Christian Mission–a man who has had threats on his life and preached at gunpoint. I am in awe of his passion and courage–he and his fellow pastors working in nations where persecution is a reality.

The night wrapped up with prayer for the nations and for pastors and church leaders. I didn’t expect it but each of us were surrounded by fellow attendees who laid their hands on us and prayed for us to continue to follow the dangerous call of leading for Jesus.

I’ve heard the call again in the last 36 hours. I’m still in!


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