The Dunning Family, circa 2007

I’m 38, balding, and a die-hard Cubs fan – but I’m still joyful!  My lovely wife, Andrea (Andie to me) and I have been married since 1993.  Hannah came along in 1994, Cullen in 1995 and Keegan in 1998 while we lived in Indiana.  After moving back to our home state of Michigan and a seven year gap, Nolan (2005) and Aidan (2006) joined the family.  Ministry has been my occupation since 1994.  It continues to be chilling, thrilling and fulfilling.



  1. The roof looks great. I am delighted to find you have a few friends to help. If I had been there, I would have contributed my little bit. Was Andie really on the roof?

  2. No, she just climbed up the ladder and looked around. I snapped the photo while she was on her way down.

  3. Wow! The new little guys are ADORABLE! I stole my brother’s picture to replace the old one with just the three oldest on my fridge. Can you send him a new one? Thanks! 🙂

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